Swizz Holding GmbH

Investment & Consulting

     Consulting Services


    Are you planning to found your own company (GmbH, AG) in Switzerland? Foreign company founders - company founders without domicile in Switzerland, need a domicile to found a business. We as a strong partner Support you with our experiance right from the start with the following Service:

  • Advice on the choice of legal form
  • Creation of the public deed, statutes and commercial register application
  • Development of business plans and start-up concepts
  • Position of the Board of Directors
  • Legal and financial advice


Office & home service

    We assist you in choosing and organizing a suitable Company domicile. Take advantage  of our Services:

  • Entry in the commercial register (legal domicile)
  •  Forwarding the incoming mail
  • Telephone and secretary Service


Management consultancy

     For the successful foundation, leadership and development you need to make entrepreneurial decision. We help you with our experiance to take the right path. Benefit from our service:

  • Foundation
  • Management
  • Corporate Development

     Benefit from our  practical experience. We are happy to contribute our experience and qualifications to successful support the needs of your company.   

     Without any obligation, please contact us.