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Investment & Consulting

    Real Estate Services


    We offer you a hand in the increasingly complex real estate environment. On the one hand, legal and tax issues arise, on the other hand, the positioning of one's own property must be examined at regular intervals. 

   Ask yourself: 

  Whether your property generates enough return? - the rents are in line with the market? - which remedial measures are necessary in the next few years? - how much of the renovation costs may be passed on to the tenants? - How efficient is the rent arrears of your tenant? - when can / must I reduce / increase the rent? - How do I improve the image of my property?"

    For these and many other questions, we develop solutions for you. Take advantage of our offer of a non-binding conversation.

Asset Management

   A property is getting older and is subject to a building life cycle. At the subsequent administration of the object we offer you technical and financial Services:

Creation of the distribution profiles and determination of the value ratio
Draft and elaboration of the explanatory statement
Convening and managing the ownersmeeting
Representation of the community
Control of the building maintenance
Property inspections

Purchase / Sale

    As an experienced partner, we handle the purchase of your real easte. We advise you from the sales price determination to the notarization and the final property profit tax declaration. Our market knowledge and experience help us to achieve the best possible sales Revenue for you with our Services:

 Object inspections and accompaniment of prospective buyers
Drafting and preparation of purchase contracts 
Notary certification
Transfer of ownership
Object inspections and accompaniment of prospective buyers 
Drafting and preparation of purchase contracts 
Notary certification
Transfer of ownership
Define brand strategy and design brand Image 
Create advertising concepts and integrate the associated measures 
Create advertising material such as sales brochures, advertisements and posters 
Texts of the entire communication 
Online presence such as online advertising, search portals and social media 
Planning and Control

    Benefit from our  practical experience. We are happy to contribute our experience and qualifications to successful support the needs of your company. 

    Without any obligation, please contact us.