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Investment & Consulting

   Trust Services

Finance & Accounting

   With good bookkeeping business developments can be identified early on and the necessary measures can be taken in good time. To stay concentrate on your day-to-day business, we offer you extensive business services:

Financial Accounting
Financial Statements


 Financial Statements

   Based on key figures, we can make you a professional annual financial statement. In order to get best use out of the key figures obtained, we offer the following services:

Cash management
Success Analysis
Reporting for management and board of directors



   You need help with the tax declaration and want to optimize your taxes, we offer assistance to individuals, self-employed and companies:

Tax consultancy for natural persons
Tax consultancy for legal persons
Succession planning, merger, restructuring, reorganization and liquidation
Examination and advice in appeal proceedings Advice on VAT (VAT)


Personnel administration / Social insurance

   We take care of all wage administration including social insurance and taxand work out the following work for you:

Tax billing
Social insurance
Create accounting documents for financial Accounting
Salary payments with electronic payments or manually


Secretarial Services

   We assist you in choosing and organizing a suitable company domicil e. Take advantage  of our Services:

 Entry in the commercial register (legal domicile)
 Forwarding the incoming mail
Telephone and secretary Service

    Benefit from our  practical experience. We are happy to contribute our experience and qualifications to successful support the needs of your company.

  Without any obligation, please contact us.