Swizz Holding GmbH

Investment & Consulting

   Data Center Services


   We provide comprehensive consulting. From the planning and implementation of a new data center to the conversion of existing data centers and operation, we support all phases and processes.



     vWe designs, develops and realizes customized solutions in an interactive process. Therefore they are perfectly adapted to the customer's needs.


  We plan from small server rooms and data centers to large, turnkey data center spaces.


     When building or rebuilding data centers, we focus on complete solutions. As a competent partner, we create added value in all areas - from general planning to construction management.



     With a smooth and efficient organization, we ensure that the operation of a data center runs smoothly. The success factor here is our many years of experience.

     We operate in an innovative and competitive market. Therefore, we are constantly developing our products further and thereby expanding your scope of action! Your price-performance ratio is thus continuously increased!

     We not only advertise with "unlocking the future", but live this principle to the full!

     Without any obligation, please contact us.